A pair of crochet feet

A rule of thumb when working on a large project is to start at the beginning, and in the case of Mr. Yarn Bones, it meant that once I finished the skull, it was time to make a pair of crochet feet.

In some ways the task at hand is very straight forward (thanks to the excellent directions) but directions aside, there are other ways to get off track, not the last of which is the large number of yarn ends to be woven in. Due to the nature of the project, it isn’t advisable to wait to weave them all in, so this morning, when I was ready to resume work on what will serve as the base of the crochet skeleton, I had more than a few ends to weave in and trim before I could move forward with the crochet:

Nine of ten future crochet toes for a skeleton

I got out my purple bent-tipped Hiya Hiya yarn needle. I like this particular needle for two reasons. First is this: I like the color purple. Second is this: the shape of the needle is particularly good for the intricacies of weaving worsted weight yarn crocheted with a 3.25 mm hook.

That combination of a smaller than usual hook to crochet worsted weight yarn means that the crochet bones have a shape in and of themselves without any help from the armature or stuffing, and while this is a great quality for a sculptural crochet piece to have, it does add a bit of a challenge to the weaving in of crochet ends, and that is where the Hiya Hiya bent-tipped yarn needles come in—whatever the color of the needle—it has the best shape for getting in between your snugger than usual crochet stitches to secure your work.

So I spent however much time it took, and soon I was ready to resume the crochet portion of this adventure:

The same nine crochet  toes with the ends all woven in

And sure enough soon the crochet feet were looking a lot more like feet:

Ten crochet toes ready to become the crochet feet of a skeleton

This first time through with the pattern is a bit of a challenge, but once it is done, I intend to put my new found crochet skeleton skills to good use, and make another one.