I resume work on the flight of fancy bag

While I wait for the the Bernat Super Value bright yellow and carrot yarn to arrive so that I can finish my Sunshine and Shadow baby blanket, I decided that I would turn my attention to another of the many UFOs that I would like to finish.

After looking over the many options, I settled on the flight of fancy bag, one I am constructing from 360 Bauhaus blocks.

Inspired by the flight bags toted by flight attendants of the 1960s, when I first began work on the bag, I envisioned it as an easy to carry, easy to wash tote that could be used to transport all of the necessities (with the exception of one’s current crochet project) a person would need to get through a long weekend.

With one of the two 10 x 10 unit panels needed to complete the bag finished, I got as far as the second row of the second panel before it was time to take photographs.

Here is my progress from yesterday and today:

two rows of crochet squares
The first to rows of the last panel of the flight of fancy bag-to-be

as well as this view of the front and back panels-to-be side-by-side:

crochet panels of crochet squares
The front and back panels-to-be

and the top, sides, and bottom of the bag:

crochet panels of a crochet bag made of crochet squares
The top, side, and bottom panels of the flight of fancy bag

I hope that in the next few days I am able to make more substantial progress on this bag as there are still some adventures left on this summer’s agenda, and I think this might just be the perfect tote for just such an occasion.