I issue a challenge to myself

Today, what time I had for crochet was put to use making more cookies for the cookieghan and at some point, I issued a challenge to myself and as part of that I made one cherry wink:

One crochet cherry wink
One crochet cherry wink

two jam-centered cookies:

two crochet cookies
Two jam-centered crochet cookies

and three iced oatmeal cookies:

three crochet cookies
Three iced oatmeal crochet cookies

I had wanted to get an updated cookie bar graph photo. At the time of the last cookie bar graph, I had completed 77 of the 169 cookies needed for this project (here is how it looked then):

crochet cookie bar graph
My crochet cookie bar graph as of May 26, 2012

but a storm was moving in and by 5:30, the skies were very overcast and the late afternoon light was obscured by an increasing number of dark, gray clouds.

Before the rain finally began to fall, however, I did manage to get this shot of the six most recently completed cookies arranged in a pyramid:

A pyramid of six crochet cookies completed as part of a challenge to myself
A pyramid of six crochet cookies completed as part of a challenge to myself

I want to make sure I get the most out of this summer, so my goal for what remains of the month of June is to finish all of the cookies for the cookieghan, and then use the first week of July to get them assembled.

While I am looking forward to what remains of the summer, I know that it will pass far too quickly, and come September, I will look back and wonder where it went.

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