And then there were 81 crochet squares

I had begun to think that this day would never come, but despite myself, it has finally arrived, and I have completed work on the 81 crochet squares that can be used to solve the six sudoku puzzle crochet afghan I finished seven years ago.

Having found (after some thought and sorting through bins) the skein of shocking pink yarn that I had ordered last fall, I got to work crocheting the last nine squares.

One stitch here, another stitch there, and soon the stitches added up to the 304 stitches that were needed. Which left me with 9 more squares and 18 ends to weave in.

There squares were, as can be seen, quite pink:

Nine shocking pink squares for a sudoku afghan
Nine shocking pink squares for a sudoku afghan

With the crocheting completed the next step was to weave in the 64 ends of the newly crocheted thirty-three squares. Wanting to get them done as efficiently as possible, I got out my bent-tipped yarn needle and got to work weaving in left and right and up and down.

It started out a bit slow:

A rainbow of crochet pieces with ends to be woven in
Weaving in ends

But I persisted (and persisted and persisted), and eventually, all of the ends were woven in and trimmed.

So I tidied them up a bit to make sure I had all of the squares I needed:

81 crochet squares in a rainbow of colors to be used to solve the puzzles on a six sudoku afghan
Doing a head count of squares

After double and triple checking, I finally felt sure I had all 81 crochet squares needed, so I laid them out to get a final shot of them before they are off on their new adventure:

A rainbow of 81 crochet squares for a crochet sudoku puzzle afghan
All of the squares laid out

After taking this photo, I packed all of the squares into a bag so that they can be delivered to the keeper of the crochet sudoku puzzle afghan, and now that this is finally done, I will look into one of the many bits with projects still to be completed and begin moving forward on what’s next, one stitch at a time.