The adventure of the granny rectangle continues

Today, after I had finished crocheting the thirty-sixth round of my current front burner project (a granny rectangle crocheted with blues and greens), I found myself “in need” of a skein of Red Heart Super Saver real teal.

Although spent at least fifteen minutes trying to convince myself there was some other color that would do, I had enough of the real teal on hand to know that it was the color I wanted to use for the thirty-eighth round.

Unfortunately, what I had on hand was not anywhere near enough to crochet the entire round, and my day was chock full or errands to be run. I could not afford to spend the time going to a store only to find they didn’t have the yarn I was seeking.

Then I recalled a feature that Jo-Ann Fabric has on their website. A quick online check told me that the color I was in search of was available at two different Jo-Ann Fabric locations each of which were in reasonably close proximity to one of my afternoon errand destinations.

So after I had run one errand, and before I needed to run a second, I checked the travel time to each store from what was then my current location, selected the one that was 5 minutes closer, and I was off.

In short order I had the yarn I was seeking:

real teal yarn
A fresh skein of Red Heart Super Saver real teal

and in between various errands, I was able to finish not only the previously as-yet-to-be completed 37th round, I finished the 38th as well:

crochet granny rectangle
An overview of my progess on the granny rectangle

and while I had the future blanket out, I got these photos that show a little bit more of the interplay of the colors I have been using in this project:

crochet rows of blues and greens
Rows of blues and greens
interplay of color
Detail of the interplay of color

One downside of going into a brick and mortar store is that you can find yourself tempted by things you would not have seen and you been shopping online.

Such was the case for me when I stumbled on these three skeins of yarn which seemed to beg to become part of my stash:

hollyhock, blueberry, and deep rose acrylic yarn
Back to front: hollyhock, blueberry, and deep rose

As I was in a hurry, I didn’t have time to think over the purchase, so I ended up buying all three of them, and I expect they will find their way into whatever crochet adventure is next.