I finish the Leigh fascinator

Last Friday, after a morning filled with errands, I drove near a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft and succumbed to the inexorable pull of the force field that that surrounds it.

While I managed to walk past any number of tempting crafting supplies, as I made my way to the exit, I was unable to resist the March issue of Inside Crochet.

Once I got home, a pattern for a project called “Leigh fascinator,” designed by Linda Lunn caught my eye; the project was, in a word, irresistible.

So I got out my beloved Red Heart Super Saver yarn along with a 3.5 mm hook and set to work making these pieces:

crochet flowers, peacock crochet feathers
Four crochet pieces for my Leigh fascinator

Once made, the pieces sat for the rest of the weekend. The pattern called for a comb to attach the pieces to, but I seldom use combs in my hair and didn’t have one, so I investigated the headband possibilities and found this very thin, no-slip headband from Scünci:

no slip headband
Scünci no-slip grip head band

So I bought the pack of eight and using a 4.5 mm hook, I worked 16 somewhat loose single crochet stitches around the headband:

headband with 16 single crochet stitches
The no-slip grip headband with 16 single crochet stitches worked around it

From there, I got out my Clover chibi and set to the task of securing the flowers and feathers to the headband:

headband with crochet flowers and crochet feathers
Headband with crochet flowers and crochet feathers secured

A closer look at the feathers and flower:

crochet flower crochet headband
A closer look at the Leigh fascinator

This project is delightfully quick and just plain delightful.

The flowers and feathers can be used to make the fascinator, or they could be attached to a hat, a purse, or the ends of a scarf. The one thing I can promise anyone who makes this is that she (or he) will definitely have fun.

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