Galentine’s Day 2020

If you watched the Parks and Recreation when it was on the air, you, like me, might have seen the “Galentine’s Day” episode that originally aired on February 11, 2010. It was with that inaugural Galentine’s Day in mind that I spent Galentine’s Day 2020 working on a crochet project.

I like to celebrate pretty much any holiday by taking time to crochet. Unfortunately, for less self-indulgent holidays, it doesn’t always work, but for a holiday as new as Galentine’s you can pretty much set your own course with the holiday traditions, and for me, it involved a lot of crochet, in large part, because I have a project I need to finish by tomorrow morning.

The first challenge I faced was the top center panel piece. I had made a careless error when reading the chart and as far past the mistake as I was, it turned out that revising the design was the quicker thing to do, and since I am just a little short of time, I went with what was quicker, and called the center panel done:

The revised top center crochet panel for a crochet heart yarn bomb
The revised top center panel

With that attended to, I still had six more panels to crochet,and no idea how I would get them done. So I crocheted without thinking of anything but the little chart in front of me, because I was out of time to make either an error or a design revision.

The morning turned into the early afternoon, and here I was mid Galentine’s Day 2020:

A crochet day so busy, my squares and yarn and hooks are a mess
A busy, busy crochet day

I still had a lot to do, so I just kept going, trying hard not to think of anything that might interfere with my crochet chi and simply visualizing the next stitch.

And while this project is not yet a fait accompli, I am much closer than I was or than I thought I would get:

An overview of my Galentine's Day 2020 crochet progress
An overview of my Galentine’s Day crochet

Now all that’s left is to crochet another 48 feet of stitches, review how to join the squares, and then put it all together, so I can once again enjoy the empowering nature of a completed yarn bomb.