Day 24: Focus your fear

… and troubles all will disappear.

In this exchange between Gomez and Fester in the Addams Family Musical, the two characters are trying to talk a third character through his discomfort with love, and it is a reminder to me that when you focus your fear, you will not be overcome by amorphous anxiety.

One of the biggest challenges of working on a project the size and complexity of my current state fair project is keeping focus and staying motivated. There is plenty of room for fear and doubt, but learning to ignore those thoughts is an important component of working on a long-term project.

To help me keep myself from being easily distracted (and to better focus my fear of not finishing this project on time), I have set aside my beloved Etimo crochet hook set, and assembled this stripped down crochet kit:

Essential crochet kit
My stripped down crochet kit

As you can see in the photo, there is one 5.00mm Clover crochet hook to crochet the necessary motifs, a Clover chibi with two bent-tipped needles for weaving in the end that need to be woven in, a pair of scissors for trimming said ends and cutting yarn when needed to fasten off, a small moleskin notebook to keep track of my crochet goals and the resulting progress, my Palm Pixi cellphone which has an alarm I set to go off every 15 to 30 minutes so that I can better keep track of my progress, a Ticonderoga pencil for making notes about which color goes where in a given row, and a pen, just in case I need one.

All the elements of this stripped down crochet kit help to keep me focused on the task at hand: finishing this project before 3:00 pm on October 11.

Yesterday, I had a spectacular, crochet day. I made progress, and the sort of progress I made was highly visible. Today I had a very good crochet day, but coming after yesterday’s the visible difference was more subtle although I met all the goals I set.

Here are some pictures of the project that I took in the late afternoon:

What I got done when I followed the dictum to "focus your fear"
What I got done when I followed the dictum to “focus your fear”

crochet circles, crochet squares
The long view of rows 16, 17, and 18

And last, a picture of the three strips that I assembled thus far:

crochet circles, crochet squares
My 2010 North Carolina State Fair Crochet Project in three parts

By this time tomorrow, I hope to have completed row 19, joined it to row 18, and then joined the 2nd and 3rd strips together transforming this from an eighteen row crocheted triptych to a nineteen row crocheted diptych (sans hinge).