More sunshine and shadow

Today, after doing chores that could not be avoided, I ventured into my yarn annex in an effort to find the purple and yellow yarns that I used in my long-neglected Sunshine and Shadow project. I know those yarns are in there (somewhere), but my adventure this afternoon did not turn up the missing yarn.

Instead (in my absence), my dog Clooney took my seat, and had situated himself so that  for all the world looked as if he were trying to crochet:

Clooney the dog crochets
Clooney takes over my crochet project

After taking a photo to remind me of this day that my dog wanted to crochet, I carefully extricated the yarn from underneath him and made a few more of the center part of the squares, and by the time I needed to set it aside to work on another, non-crochet project, I had gotten this far:

More sunshine and shadow crochet squares
More sunshine and shadow crochet squares

There are the borders of the new squares to crochet, and a number of ends to be woven in, but it highlights the difference between summer which always seems to go by too fast, and my crochet progress which, for the most part, seems to go too slowly, but I know that in just 31 days the start of what for me is “crochet season” will be here, and I intend to be ready when it arrives.