A crochet slumber party

In the run-up to Christmas, my college roommate and I had been trying to figure out when we could get together for another crochet meet-up.

Since we last met up in May of 2014, Sally had mastered single crochet, half-double crochet, and double crochet stitches, but was not experiencing the same measure of success with the granny square.

After going over our schedules it seemed that the best time and place for us to meet was late afternoon on Monday at her house, and since we live just over two-and-a-half hours apart, we decided that we could get the most work done if I stayed the night.

The whole idea of going over to a friend’s house to stay up late crocheting and then spend the night (on a weeknight no less!) felt wonderfully decadent, so it was with much anticipation that I packed up a change of clothes and my crochet essentials, and hit the road.

When I arrived, I was greeted not only by Sally, but by Sally’s dog, Macie, who initially regarded me with more than a little suspicion:

Macie the dog is unimpressed
Macie is unimpressed

In short order, Sally and I had our hooks and yarn out, and we got to work by 7:30 in the evening Sally had completed her first two granny squares:

two crochet granny squares
Sally’s first two completed granny squares

and I had gotten a start on a pet mat for Macie with whom I was now sharing a chair.

In need of nourishment so we would continue with your crochetfest, Sally and I took a break for dinner then returned to our crochet efforts.

At this point, Sally decided she was ready to try her hand at the center of the “Big Round” motif from Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks book. In short order, she had it done.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of it because I was busy working on Macie’s pet mat, and I wanted to get it done before I left in the morning. So after Sally and I said goodnight, I continued to work one round, and then another. By the time I could no longer keep my eyes open, the pet mat was done except for the slip stitch border along the two remaining sides.

Despite getting to bed rather late, I managed to also get up somewhat early and finished the slip stitch border on the two remaining sides, wove in the ends, and then trimmed them.

By the time I left this morning, Macie’s pet mat was completed:

crochet granny square pet mat
A crochet granny square pet mat for Macie

and ready for use:

crochet pet mat on the dog's chair
A second view of a pet mat for Macie

I don’t know when Sally and I will be able to get together again for more crochet, but it’s always and adventure, and I can hardly wait.