Flower power

My latest project is, at last, revealing itself to me, such is the power of a crochet cookie.

Since I perfected the Lemonades™ inspired cookie, I have been unable to shake the motif, and when a spare moment presents itself, I find myself with a vibrant color of yarn in one hand, and a hook in the other.

The pattern I designed is now part of my kinetic memory, and I would not be at all surprised if I could crochet large parts of the motif with my eyes shut, but I like color too much to do that, so I crochet with my eyes wide open, and my most recent efforts resulted in these two new motifs:

crochet flower motifs
Two more crochet flower motifs

Which, as it happens, coordinate pretty well with the first two:

four crochet flower motifs
Four crochet flower motifs

But I wasn’t totally enamored of the large space in between the four flower power circle motifs, so I got out my hook and some Red Heart Super Saver bright orchid and made a four-round circle to anchor the larger circles around it. The smaller, unadorned circle looked pretty awesome on it’s own:

four round crochet circle
A four round circle motif

but looked even better (to my eye) with its circular compatriot crochet motifs:

five crochet circles crochet flower motif
Putting it all together

I sill have a few details I might need to work out for this project, but I will continue to crochet these motifs, secure in the knowledge that I will, eventually, figure it out.