Valentine’s Day Eve 2014

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and our weather (along with the resulting traffic jams) managed to make the national news yesterday.

I was fortunate enough to have all of my errands run before the snow started to fall, but not everyone was so lucky. The snow began to stick to the ground from almost the first flake, and in just ten minutes time snow began to accumulate on the road.

I was very grateful I did not have to be out in such challenging weather, and I decided to show my graditude by putting the time to good use.

Using two partial skeins of Red Heart Saver dark orchid that I unearthed in my efforts to organize my yarn stash, I got a start on the sixth of eight crochet basket needed:

dark orchid crochet basket
The start of a dark orchid crochet basket

Satisfied that I had made sufficient progress on my basket project, I set it aside and turned my attention to a more “time is of the essence” project: making more crochet Valentine’s Day necklaces.

Inspired by Erika Anderson’s #ArmyOfLovers project, I continued to use May Cheang’s’s Endless Love pattern as a starting point for my own effort, and in addition to finishing work on these three crochet Valentine necklaces:

crochet hearts
Three of the Valentine necklaces

I also finished work on these four:

crochet hearts
Four more of the Valentine necklaces

bringing my grand total to thirteen:

thirteen crochet necklaces
Group photo of the 13 Valentine necklaces

With all of my photos taken for the day, I took my dog for his late afternoon early evening walk past these two snowpeople:

crochet snow people
The handiwork of neighbors more industrious than I

Tomorrow’s temperature is supposed to climb above freezing tomorrow, and as soon as the road are passable, I will be looking to find an open coffee shop where I can get a cappuccino an spread some Valentine’s Day cheer.