Rehabbing crochet remnants one nine patch (or two) at a time

I have yet to find the twenty-five or so five-inch rehabbed four-patch crochet squares that I know are somewhere in storage, but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing with my efforts to bring purpose to the many other crochet remnants that populate my crochet empire, an empire which is currently scattered to the winds — across the dining table, a storage unit, and the back of my car.

One of my grand plans was to complete an inventory of what I have done so that I can better know where it is I have to go, but with my crochet life distributed across seemingly every corner of my home and my non-crochet life, an accurate count is not easy to accomplish, so I did what I usually do when I find myself in a situation like this: I started on something new.

In this case, what I started on wasn’t completely new, but rather something new-ish.

While I was looking for the rehabbed crochet squares that I know are somewhere, I would come across some interesting remnants that are worthy of repurposing. I would stuff the interesting bit into a pocket, my purse, or my crochet bag, and at the end of the day, I would put it in a bin.

So while I worked to finish my current front-burner nine-patch of rehabbed crochet squares:

nine future rehabbed crochet squares
A future nine-patch of rehabbed crochet squares

I also identified the crochet elements of a future nine-patch:

crochet remnants to be rehabbed into five inch crochet squares
Nine more crochet remnants identified for crochet rehab

As for the inventory, it isn’t complete, but the storage unit is getting cleaned up, and I have identified the first forty-six crochet squares which I sent to Project Amigo in late January, as well as these ninety-nine five-inch crochet squares that I photographed just twelve days ago:

ninety-nine rehabbed five-inch crochet squares
An overview of ninety-nine rehabbed crochet squares

So while I go through the boxes looking for the squares I know are there, I will continue to work (one stitch at a time), on the squares that are in front of me.