An Opossum scarf begins to take shape

This past week has been a particularly busy one with any number of unexpected things to do that absolutely, positively must be done as soon as is feasible, and today was no exception.

After a busier than usual morning, I settled in for what I thought would be a relaxing afternoon of crochet that apparently was not meant to be.

Instead, while I was working on an opossum scarf that showed up in my Facebook feed:

opossum crochet scarf
An opossum crochet scarf to-be

my youngest son breezed through the door and reminded me that he had sent me a text earlier in the day (while I was in the middle of my busier than usual morning) letting me know that his bonded bottom retainer had come out. What, he wondered, was he supposed to do about it?

I called the orthodontist’s office only to learn that if I could bring my son in within the hour, they could get it fixed today.

So sooner than I would have liked, it was time to pack up my crochet, and head out into the late afternoon pre-Christmas traffic.

While I waited for my son I divided my crochet time pretty evenly between the Opossum scarf (the brain child of a woman named Janet who sells her patterns at Ravelry under her brand “Upper Crust Crochet”), and the cornmeal seafarer’s cap I began over a week ago and which has been languishing in my “to do pile” and can be seen here:

cornmeal seafarer's crochet cap
I make modest progress on the cornmeal seafarer’s crochet cap

I had hoped that I could complete one item or another today, but as it is, the progress I made was more modest, and I will continue my efforts as I always do: one stitch at a time.