Filling in the crochet blanks

One of the challenges of a yarn bomb (be it crochet or knit) is the amount of space that there is to be filled. The trunk of a tree, for example, doesn’t look “huge” or unreasonably large when viewed as part of a tree, but if you want to wrap that same tree trunk in crochet, you quickly learn that there is a lot more surface area than meets the eye—and all of that area must be filled. As for my current yarn bomb project, yesterday I reached the tipping point, where I had fewer squares left to crochet than I had already crocheted, and, today I went about filling in the remaining crochet blanks.

It helped that Monday I had what I think of as a “good crochet day,” no doubt due to the fact that my cat, Stripes, was able to keep a watchful eye on me to make sure I stayed focused on my crochet. By the time sunset arrived, I had seven full squares and five partial squares left to crochet:

I reach the tipping point of my latest crochet yarn bomb under the watchful eye of my cat, Stripes

This morning, as soon as I had attended to everything that needed attending to, I again got out my hook and yarn and set to work.

While I appreciate having the ease of a single color square to crochet, it can feel tedious, so I alternated working on what for me are the less interesting squares with ones that had more changes. By the time my crochet day was coming to a close, I had just seven squares worth of crochet to complete before I could start the joining:

I fill in all but five of the crochet blanks in my current crochet yarn bomb

I don’t know what it is about making a yarn bomb that I find so compelling and empowering, but whatever it is, it won’t let me rest until I am done. But the rest is usually brief, and soon it is once again time for me to start all over, filling in the crochet blanks one stitch at a time.