A tale of two baskets and four potholders

My myriad partially done projects are beginning to come together — namely two baskets and four pot holders.

After spending the past week working on two crochet baskets for my Ikea Expedit cubby system (one in royal blue, the other in dark orchid), I finally got them both done, leaving me with just one or two more baskets to crochet.

Here are the completed baskets arranged in the 2×4 Expedit unit (soon to be replaced with the more environmentally friendly Kallax):

Ikea expedit crochet baskets
Six crochet baskets done, two to go

and here they are attempting to sneak off for the afternoon to enjoy the spring like weather:

six crochet baskets
Six Expedit cubby crochet baskets

Happy to have made progress on the baskets, I was able to turn my attention to felting the M & M inspired potholders.

Yesterday, after I had woven in all of the ends that needed weaving in, I soaked the four potholders-to-be in a solution of vinegar and water (one part vinegar to four parts water). Once they were thoroughly soaked, I wrung out as much of the water as I could, and put them in a plastic bag that I then put in the freezer.

Today, when I had finally finished some much needed household chores, I retrieved the potholders from the freezer, and then started the felting process. I had to take my son to his trumpet lesson before I was able to get the potholders to a point I would call finished, but I did get very close.

Here is an overview:

felted crochet potholders
Four nearly completed felted crochet potholders

and here is a closer look:

felted crochet potholders
A closer look at four nearly finished felted crochet potholders

As can be seen in the photo, the potholders are a bit ruffly.

Tomorrow, after I have dispensed with the day’s chores, I plan to finish the felting process, pin the potholders to my blocking mats so that they dry just a bit flatter, and then take the momentum a finished project generates and move onto the next thing.