I make progress on the “Put a cookie on it” prayer shawl and finish a “put a cookie on it” coffee cup cozy

I would not say I am obsessed with crocheting cookies, but they will not leave me alone, so today, after I had made measurable progress on the “Put a cookie on it prayer shawl”:

crochet prayer shawl
The shawl as of June 13, 2013

and made more of the cookies that will decorate it:

crochet cookie prayer shawl
The future “put a cookie on it” prayer shawl and some of the cookies

I decided that a cookie festooned coffee cup cozy would be the perfect accessory to complete the “put a cookie on it” ensemble I am making for my friend’s sister.

Using some of the Red Heart Super Saver buff and a 4.5 mm hook I was able to make fairly quick work of the cozy itself.

The cookies, however, were another story.

Rather than using all four strands of the Red Heart Super Saver colors that comprise the cookies, I cut lengths of yarn and then split them into two strands of two plies each.

Then, using a 3.25 mm hook, I got to work.

Initially, I made the 2-ply cookies exactly as I had made the 4-ply four round cookies that will decorate the shawl, but against the backdrop of the coffee cup cozy, they looked large and awkward, so I revised the design once again and came up with what I felt was the exactly right size cookie:

crochet coffee cup cozy
The cookies secured to the surface of the crochet coffee cup cozy

From there, it took relatively little time to complete the joining seam and the top and bottom edges of the cozy.

Here is one view of the completed project:

crochet cookie coffee cozy
Put a cookie on it crochet coffee cup cozy

and here is another:

crochet cookie coffee cozy
Another view of the put a cookie on it crochet coffee cup cozy

Now all I need is a cup of coffee so I can finish the work of writing the pattern for the cozy.