More crochet sudoku solving squares

With all but one of the hats I have started done, I have decided that now is a good time to return (yet again) to finishing the crochet sudoku solving squares that my youngest son needs so he can solve the puzzles that make up his 2013 Christmas present, this six sudoku afghan:

six suduku puzzle crochet afghan
The six sudoku crochet afghan

If you thought that seven years was enough time to finish crocheting and weaving in the ends of eight-one crochet squares, you were wrong, and here is the proof:

Thirty-five crochet sudoku solving squares with ends to be woven in
Crochet squares with ends to be woven in

So this morning, I gathered up all of the crochet solving squares I could find, got out my bent-tipped yarn needle and got to work.

Along the way, I found the occasional error in my crochet, and I would dutifully frog back to the point of the error and rework the square before weaving in the ends. I did this thirty-five times, and eventually, all of the squares I had in my possession were done.

But I knew those weren’t all of the squares I had made, so I decided to sort through my many bags to see what I could find.

Through the magic of “cleaning up after yourself,” I not only finished the squares I had found, I unearthed even more squares, but before I bothered to take a photo, I wove in even more ends and got this overview of my handiwork:

Forty-nine crochet squares with the ends woven in and ready to solve a crochet sudoku puzzle
An overview of the crochet squares with the ends woven in

and then, I packed up all of the solving squares and took them outside to get some vitamin D and this photo:

A rainbow of forty-nine crochet squares

With thirty-two squares yet to crochet, and the resulting sixty-four ends to weave in, I’m not quite to the crochet finish line for this project, but I am moving forward, one stitch at a time.