The one thousandth square

The one thousandth square is ta-done.

Measuring five inches across, all the ends are woven in and trimmed, and it is ready for the next leg of this adventure. And truth be told, so am I.

The one thousandth square

When I began this project on the evening of December 25, 2017, I could not see into the future and know that as I finished rehabbing the first square in this effort, I had just finished 1/10 of one percent of what would be my ultimate goal:

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Crochet Square 5 after rehab

At that moment, I didn’t yet have a goal, nor did I know that over the next many weeks it would reveal itself to me.

I also didn’t know how many crochet remnants I had lurking in seemingly every corner of my house, and I didn’t know that those bits and pieces would eventually form the backbone of at least ten crochet blankets for the students of Colima, Mexico, who are served by Project Amigo.

But I have learned a lot since then.

I have learned that even fifty-year old remnants like these crochet flowers:

three highly textured crochet flowers
Three highly textured found crochet flowers

can be updated and given new life and purpose:

Three highly textured crochet roses transformed into five-inch crochet squares
Three five-inch crochet rose squares

I have learned that even if you don’t exactly how you will get something done, if you work on it at some point, almost every day, you will figure out how to transform the pieces, and over time, you’ll get better at it better at it.

I’ve also learned that it helps to have so many people willing to follow your progress and cheer you on as you make your journey, and it helped me to know that there were others who cared, so that when I got exasperated or discouraged, I could fall back on their shared determination and commitment to see this through to the end, moving forward, one stitch (and one square) at a time.

And for my final “final words” about this project, you can read what I wrote about it at Medium.