A trio of rehabbed crochet squares

Yesterday, I found myself running errands over parts of Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties, hitting all three of the trio of legs of the geographic triangle that comprises the area known as “Research Triangle.”

As such, I didn’t get a lot of crochet done, but I did get done other things that needed doing, and I even managed to fit in a cup of coffee with one of my crochet peeps. We bemoaned the rather dreary weather, but the weather was more than offset but the company of a good friend and fellow crocheter.

So today, with breakfast eaten, the dog walked, and the remediation of the metadata of two old blog posts done, I was once again ready to turn my attention to  a trio of crochet remnants to be used in making more squares from the many unused crochet motifs languishing in my crochet empire.

The first was a quick fix for a formerly three-round granny square to which I simply added a fourth round making the previously four-inch square five inches:

crochetbug, crochet square, granny squares, crochet flowers, crochet roses
A four-round granny square

Buoyed by the easy win, I decided I was ready to do some slower, whipstitch joining that needed to me done. Using more of the gold squares that did not make it into my now 2018 to-be State Fair project, I joined four of the squares in to one, trimmed it with Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink, and then crocheted a rosette for the center.

Here it is, still looking a bit messy, but with all of the elements completed:

crochetbug, crochet square, granny squares, crochet flowers, crochet roses
Four of the gold crochet squares with a crochet rose center

Pleased with my successes, I then took this four-inch square:

crochetbug, crochet square, granny squares, crochet flowers, crochet roses
Four bauhaus crochet blocks with a single crochet border

and worked the edge with the iconic 3 dc shell of a granny square, and in short order, it — like it’s crochet square compatriots — was transformed:

A trio of five-inch crochet squares
A trio of five-inch crochet squares

When I first received a request for some crochet squares for Project Amigo, I thought it would be a good thing to do. Little did I know how personally satisfying it would be to take these random piece of my crochet past, and give them purpose, place, and future.