Stash down challenge 2012: Day 27

With the felted fat bag made from vintage Red Heart worsted knitting relegated to my crochet history, I found myself a bit adrift this morning wondering what I would do on this last Tuesday of November as my stash down challenge of 2012 winds down.

I have plenty of projects that need doing, but I but had trouble settling on which of them to begin with.

Slippers for a friend who lives in colder climes? Fingerless gloves to give in appreciation for a puzzle I will be getting? Hats for my cousins for Christmas? The possibilities were endless, so set them aside.

I toyed with the notion of beginning the work of organizing my vast stores of stuff. It would be nice to ring in the new year knowing what I have and where to find it.

So with nothing really jumping out at me, I decided to pick up my 4.5 mm hook and begin with another African flower hexagon meditation.

After I had completed the first four rounds of the five round motif, I was struck at how perfect the design was:

the first four rounds of an African flower crochet hexagon
The twentieth crochet flower hexagon motif before the final round

Despite its perfection, I plowed ahead and completed the fifth round:

An African flower crochet hexagon with a pink border
The twentieth crochet hexagon

so that this twentieth hexagon would fit with the 19 hexagons that came before:

Twenty African flower crochet hexagons whipstitched together
My African flower hexagon crochet meditation 20 days in

By the time I finished with the hexagon, I had some clarity about what to do next, and what made it to the top of my list was to begin what will no doubt be the long, slow task of getting caught up on the Jean Leinhauser 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long I am part of.

This Monday marked the start of week 99, so there (technically speaking) just two weeks left to this crochet along. I am not certain how far behind I am, and I didn’t bother to check as that would consume valuable crochet time.

I began with Square 87, the motif assigned for week 98. Composed of just three rounds, it is quick, it is simple, and I had it done in no time:

Crochet Square 87
Crochet Square 87

Next, I tried my hand a Square 14 a ten-round motif, four of which I finished before it was time to leave the house:

ruffled crochet around a crochet circle center
I get a start on Jean Leinhauser’s square 14

From there, I ran several errands, and by the time I got home, the sun had set on another day of crochet.

Tomorrow, I plan to run a tighter crochet ship and to not let myself wander quite so much, but maybe there is something from today’s meanderings that will lead to even greater projects than I can imagine.