OMG! I finished the-afghan-that-has-eluded me

I never fully considered the possibility that this day would come, but I finished the Granny Square Sampler Afghan today. My 4.5 mm Etimo hook and stash of Red Heart Super Saver yarn have seen me through this project in it’s entirety.

Here it is with with the border completed and every end woven in:

granny square crochet blanket crochet afghan
Better Homes and Gardens Crochet Granny Square Sampler Afghan

and here are views that capture other details:

crochet border crochet corner
Corner detail of crochet border

crochet squares crochet blanket
A view from the corner of the crochet blanket

crochet squares center crochet blanket
A view toward the center crochet squares

The afghan ruffles a bit more than is comfortable for me, but part of what I wanted to accomplish with this afghan was to push myself to do something I haven’t done before, and to that end, I was successful.

I am more more at ease with projects where all of the pieces fit neatly together and the planes of the finished project lies smooth and flat. Other than hyperbolic planes which are supposed to ruffle, I am not entirely happy when the pieces don’t fit together as I think they should.

Despite the fact that I know that right angles and perfect planes don’t occur in nature as often as they do in math, I still carry with me the expectation that things are made to fit together, and in my crochet, I am constantly working toward that in an effort to smooth over the vagaries of the world as it exists.

Having finished this project means, of necessity, that I must move forward to something else, that I must embark on another crochet adventure, and for just one moment, I have no idea what that will be.