I get a new coffee cup cozy and resume work on the Tetrisghan

Today was the start of a new week, and once I got my son off to school and had attended to the other myriad “must-do” chores, I made myself a crochet to-do list, and at the top of that list was this: make a new crochet cozy for a coffee cup .

I wanted something fun that I would want to use.

After looking over my available stash, I decided on the discontinued/vintage Red Heart colorway called candy.

I love this colorway, and I decided that it would be perfect for my at least once-a-week cappuccino from one of my favorite local coffee shops, Bean Traders.

Borrowing from the ever popular 23-44 tawashi pattern from Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd):

23-44 tawshi Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)
23-44 tawshi Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

and Catherine DePasquale’s Victorian Texting Gloves pattern, (seen here is a pair I made for myself this past winter):

variegated purple crochet texting gloves
My grape fizz Victorian crochet texting gloves

I used a 4.5 mm hook to create this psychedelic coffee cozy:

a psychedelic crochet cozy for a coffee cup
A psychedelic Victorian crochet coffee cozy

With the new coffee cozy completed, I turned my attention to the second item on the list: make more tetriminos for the Tetrisghan.

It had been a week since I had done any serious work on the Tetrisghan, and through I had, in  the intervening time, crocheted a few tetriminos here and there, this morning as I was laying out my plans for the week,  I decided that I wanted to make more substantial progress on this project.

My tetrimino goal for the day: make tetriminos until I had at least two of each color.

Shortly before it was time to eat dinner, I had reached my tetrimino goal.

Here is one arrangement I made with my fortnight of tetrominos:

crochet tetriminoes for a crochet tetris blanket
One possible arrangement of the crochet tetriminoes

and here is another:

crochet tetriminoes for a crochet tetris blanket
Another possible arrangement of the crochet tetrominos

We can’t always know what tomorrow will bring, but I am guessing that mine will include at least one or two crochet tetriminos, and possibly a cappuccino.

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