The second panel of the Tetrisghan begins to take shape

Today the skies were clear, and now that the pollen drop has passed and been washed away by a series of rain storms, small drops of sticky sap have begun to fall, and all of the uncovered horizontal surfaces in my immediate environment in addition to having an ever-so-slight sheen also have a slightly tacky feel, just like a surface coated with rubber cement.

So maybe sidewalk that sticks to my feet is what inspired me to return to the Tetrisghan today.

I started by making all of the paper tetrominos I would need to try an assortment of arrangements, and then I joined to pieces of graph paper, drew the lines of demarcation with a bright pink indelible ink pen, and then slathered on rubber cement, first in one direction (which I let dry) and then the other.

It makes for the perfect surface to arrange and rearrange as needed, and by the end of the afternoon, here was one possibility I had worked out:

paper tetrominos
I use paper tetrominos to figure out an arrangement for the second panel of the Tetrisghan

Not certain it would look in life as it did on paper, I set out the corresponding crochet tetrominos using the paper tetrominos as a guide:

crochet tetrominos
A proposed arrangement for the second panel of the Tetrisghan

I am not one hundred percent certain this is the arrangement I will use, but even if this is, in ways, a failed step, at least now I am one step closer to finishing the Tetrisghan.