Boo-Boo goes to Space Camp

Today, Boo-Boo and I made the trek from Birmingham to Huntsville, Alabama to pick up my youngest son from his annual Space Camp adventure.

Umbrella and camera in hand, we made our way from the Red Gate to the building where a “real” Saturn V is displayed (not to be confused with the “fake” Saturn V that is just outside the building) and this week’s Space Academy graduation ceremony was scheduled to take place.

After the ceremony had ended and I had retrieved both my son and his luggage, at Boo-Boo’s behest we made a quick tour of Space Camp and took in some of the sights.

Our first stop after getting the luggage in the car was the Pathfinder Space Shuttle Simulator:

pathfinder space shuttle simulator
Pathfinder Space Shuttle Simulator

From there, he stopped to take a look at a simulated Saturn 1B:

Saturn 1B
Boo-Boo at the base of Saturn 1B

From there we went to the G Force ride. The good news was that Boo-Boo was finally tall enough to go on it:

G Force Huntsville, Alabama
Boo-Boo is just tall enough to ride G Force

The bad news was that the ride was closed due to inclement weather.

So we headed to the gift shop. One our way, Boo-Boo got to look over this V-2:

V-2 rocket
Boo-Boo surveys the V-2 rocket

and the “fake” Saturn V just outside the building that houses the real one:

Saturn V
Saturn V

From there, we went into the museum where Boo-Boo got on the scale:

Interplanetary scale for crochet tigers
Boo-Boo gets his weight on Earth, moon, and Mars

and then tangled with a bin of t-rex in the gift shop:

amigurumi tiger fighting off t-rex
Boo-Boo conquers a bin of fiercesome T-rex

Overall, it was a an exhausting and exhilarating day at the end of an exhausting and exhilarating week.

I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings.