In which I finish Square 28 and Square 65

Monday began early, as it usually does, and soon after my son got on the bus, the day had begun in earnest.

There was laundry to be done before the water company began what the letter that had arrived over the weekend described as “routine maintenance” during which time (9-5 for the entire week) we were encouraged to use as little water as possible and refrain from bathing, using the washer, running the dishwasher, or participating in any other water intensive activities. Once the laundry was started my dog, Clooney, was ready for his walk.

I am generally able to put him off until mid-morning, but today he was all kinds of mischief, and as soon as the first opportunity presented itself, I got his leash, the pocket purse I made just for this activity:

crossbody crochet bag with crochet dots
My crochet bag or carrying the essentials of dog walking

and we headed out in search of adventure.

Once Clooney had had his walk, he was more receptive to letting me finish my remaining household chores, and when those were finally done, I sat down to finish work on square 28. Using my 4.5mm hook, and Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink, I began work on the background:

crochet granny square with a crochet flower center
Crochet Square 28

With square 28 completed, I referred to my list of squares that are still in need of doing, and while it is not as it once was, I found that Square 65 was still in need of crocheting.

Composed of 7 rounds, while the example in the book 101 Crochet Squares worked the first two rounds in one color, I decided that I would change color every round.

Turning to the Red Heart Yarns mutli-color coordinate list and channeling the spirit of Scooby Doo, I got to work with a 5.0mm hook, and skeins of Red Heart Super Saver cherry coke, carrot, gold, and tea leaf.

What I discovered is that there is a decidedly floral effect that can be seen when the first, second, and third rounds, are worked in different (or at least alternating) colors as can be seen here:

crochet granny square with a crochet flower center
Crochet Square 65

I ended up being very pleased with the way this square turned out. I really like the floral design that emerged, and I adore the cherry coke palette, and have grand plans to include it in more of my projects.