2011 North Carolina State Fair premium book

Last week when I took my son to his trumpet lesson, I had just enough time to stop by the North Carolina State Fairgrounds to get a hard copy of the 2011 North Carolina State Fair Premium Book:

crochetbug, north carolina, state fair, premium book
2011 North Carolina State Fair premium book

While an electronic version of the premium book is available online as a series of PDF files (which you can review at your leisure here), I enjoy being able to thumb through the premium book, flipping from one page to the next, and reading about categories and competitions I would probably not learn about if I were limited to PDFs.

I understand that the days of an actual printed premium book are numbered, but while it is still available, I fully intend to take advantage of perusing the contest requirements through the technology of the printed page.

For me, the difference between reading the paper version of something versus the electronic version, is that with the electronic version, I tend to miss information for which I am explicitly looking, while with the paper version, I tend to “find” information I would otherwise overlook.

Having done a cursory review of the premium book, I know that I want to enter the behemoth that is my current Bauhaus project:

bauhaus block crochet square, crochetbug, crochet squares, crochet quilt, crochet afghan, crochet blanket, crochet rectangles
Two examples of the Bauhaus Quilt block crochet motif III juxtaposed

but I am also considering entering the amigurumi I think of as an homage to Perry the Platypus:

crochet platypus crochet fedora
Agent P’s fedora transforms him from ordinary pet crochet platypus to semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action ready to save the world

as well as the Twinkie Chan cupcake scarf I began a little over a week ago:

crochet cupcake with a crochet cherry
The first of 15 cupcakes for my red velvet cupcake scarf

In the next few days I will sort through my unfinished projects, as well as the finished ones that meet the entry requirements, and decide just exactly which categories I will and will not enter.

Until then, with hook in hand and Clover chibi at my side, I will continue my work on my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project.