Just two days to Day of the Dead 2019

As the days continue to grow shorter in the march toward winter, I find myself waking up before sunrise, and this morning I got up and with just three crochet days left to work. I immediately started on my third Day of the Dead yarn bomb. I worked through most of the day and by the time the sun was preparing to set, I had made substantive progress which is good, because as I write this, there are just two days left to finish all that remains.

But this morning, while I waited for the sun to rise, I made a pot of coffee and thing I focused on crocheting the two crochet squares (pictured on the right) that use all three colors of yarn. My thinking was this: if I start my day with the two most complicated and time consuming panels, I will have a better idea if I can meet my three-yarn-bomb goal. As it turned out, with the work I had done the previous day, I got a total of three-and-a-half squares done:

Three and a half crochet panels for the third day of the dead crochet yarn bomb
Three-and-a-half additional crochet panels

Which meant that I had a total of thirteen-and-a-half squares finished, so the outlook for actually finishing the third yarn bomb was much improved.

Thirteen and a half crochet panels done with just two days left to finish the entire yarn bomb
Thirteen and a half crochet panels done with just two days to go

I had no idea when I set out to go to a crochet workshop at the John P Top Greene Community Center to learn Olek’s crochet techniques that I would end up being bitten by the yarn bomb bug, but here I am, and I will continue to move forward, one stitch at a time.