The crochet eyes have it!

When I pressed publish on my last blog post, I was in a hurry to get my dog walked before it got dark, and to do that, I had to set aside the mummy head I had been working on. It was almost all done, it just needed two crochet eyes, a few more rounds of stitching, and some stuffing.

But all of that would have to wait for another day, and today was that “another” day.

I had come close to finishing the mummy head yesterday, but when I looked it over in the light of a new day, I found that I had stuffed it way too full and that was distorting the shape. I could probably have called it done as it was, but part of the joy of making something yourself is that you can improve on your work, So I frogged my way back five rounds, pulled out all of the stuffing, refluffed the stuffing, and then tried again. Soon enough the crochet mummy head was done and ready to join it’s compatriot, the crochet pumpkin head:

Crochet pumpkin and mummy heads with crochet eyes

After taking that photo, I stacked one head on top of the other to see how they looked:

A crochet pumpkin head on top of a crochet mummy head

And then I checked to see how they fit on their partially completed future crochet skeletons:

Two future crochet skeletons with crochet heads

The pieces all seemed to fit well, and I am ready to again move forward.

When I first picked up a crochet hook so many years ago, I was not able to look into the future and see what it held for me. I did not yet fully understand or appreciate the empowering nature of craft, but now that I do, I continue forward one stitch at a time.