My blustery weekend

I would have loved to have spent the entire weekend working on my crochet, but yesterday there was a small window of time, one day in the foreseeable future, when the afternoon temperature was expected to be more than 10º Fahrenheit above freezing.

While I very much wanted to crochet, I instead took advantage of the very windy weather with a daytime high that peaked at a sultry 53ºF, and got three loads of laundry done.

Despite the rather chilled temperature (It felt to me that the high of 53º F lasted all of ten minutes), the laundry dried quickly because of the rather stiff breeze, which after sunset turned into a rather menacing sounding wind.

While he time it took for the washer to run allowed me to spend time blocking my already crocheted, but not completed elephants.

Here are eighteen of them basking in the rather brisk, mid-morning sunshine:

eighteen future crochet elephants
Blocking eighteen crochet elephants

I had been motivated to work on them by the arrival of my recently purchased copy of the book that has inspired me to make one elephant after another:

101 elephant jokes book
101 Elephant Jokes

Then, when the sun set on Saturday, not only was the laundry done, but the previously “stiff” breeze had turned into a full-fledged wind, ready to down trees, power lines, and whatever else might be in its path.

By the time I got up this morning, the wind was gone, and so with the laundry done and all of the not-yet-completed crochet elephants blocked, I got out my hooks, raided my stash and crocheted these five elephants:

five crochet elephants
Five more crochet elephants to-be

and finished these two Boho hearts:

Two more boho crochet hearts on a blustery weekend
Two more boho crochet hearts on a blustery weekend

I don’t yet know where these two parallel (in time) crochet adventures are leading me, but I am moving forward, one stitch at a time.