I get some traction on the new bag

No sooner had I finished my second practically perfect granny square bag than I started on a third, only the third one is going to be a bit smaller as I am making to for someone who likes a bag that tends toward medium rather than ginormous.

To that end, I did the math and decided on a scheme for reducing the size of some of the granny squares.

It all adds up on paper, but I have not taken the time to sketch it out to see how the proportions will look, so I am both optimistically curious and a bit cautions.

But today, I threw that caution to the wind, got out my hook and my yarn and set to work.

Guided by the color choices I made on a previous project I managed to finish four of the smaller squares in what was for me, record time:

four granny squares
Four more four-round granny squares

I got all but the last round completed of another smaller square:

crochet granny square
A granny square in need of a fourth round

I nearly finished a larger square:

multicolor granny square
A nearly completed eight-round granny square

and I got a start on the second larger square:

crochet granny square
The start of a second eight-round granny square

Then, because I love group photos so much, I got this one of most of the nearly completed squares in one possible arrangement:

an arrangement of granny squares
The new granny square bag begins to take shape

As I continue to work on what is turning out to be a series of bags, I can see that each bag has its own personality and that that personality is reflected in the colors I use and how I arrange them, and this one is — so far — the sassiest of the three.

Tomorrow promises lovely light by which to crochet, and my hope is that I can get all of the granny squares for the body of the bag completed, plying my craft as I always do: one stitch at a time.