The future dodecahedron begins to take shape

After I finished crocheting the twelve pentagons I needed for my experimental yet-to-be-felted dodecahedron, I decided that the pentagons needed a touch more tricking out, so with bent-tipped yarn needle in hand, I dove into my wool yarn stash and embroidered a small flower at that center of each pentagon.

It was an eminently portable part of the project which was good for me, because I had errands to run most of yesterday, and I was able to take it with me wherever I went, and shortly before sunset on Monday, I got this photo of the totally tricked out pentagons:

twelve crochet pentagons to use in making a crochet dodecahedron
Twelve crochet pentagons, tricked out and ready for joining

Today there were still more errands to run, but unlike yesterday’s clear skies there were lots of gray clouds and a persistent, if intermittent rain.

When the occasional stop presented itself, I pulled out my pentagons and took hook to yarn; by the time the sun was ready to set on today, I had managed to join the pentagons into two halves of the future dodecahedron.

Here is a photo of one half:

six crochet pentagons joined to form half of a crochet dodecahedron
One half of the crochet dodecahedron

here is a photo of the other half:

six crochet pentagons joined to form half of a crochet dodecahedron
The other half of the crochet dodecahedron

and here is a photo of the two of them together:

two half of a multicolor crochet dodecahedron ready to be joined
Two halves ready to make a whole crochet dodecahedron

I don’t know the particulars of how the pieces of this project will come together, but tomorrow morning’s rain should give way to some sunshine in the afternoon, and my hope is that somehow the whole thing will come together.