The Flaming Hook of Justice

Because there is a tendency in some circles to think of crochet as the lesser craft, crocheters are sometimes a bit defensive about their work.

“It’s not knitting!” is a frequent response to people who express an interest but fail to correctly identify the method of creation.

To that end, the Crochet Liberation Front (CLF) is dedicated to celebrating crochet for the craft that it is, and its intrinsic crochetness, and for the third year, they are honoring contributions to crochet by awarding the much coveted Flammie (for Flaming Hook of Justice) for projects in a variety of categories.

So you can imagine my delight this past Sunday when my crochet guild president mentioned that the African Flower soccer ball had been nominated for a Flammie in the 3-D category:

Crochet soccer ball nominated for a Flaming Hook of Justice award
Crochet soccer ball nominated for a Flaming Hook of Justice award

This project came out of my love for the African Flower hexagon motif, and my desire to create an object that commemorated the 2010 World Cup this past year which was held in South Africa.

Because I think everyone who wants an African Flower soccer ball should have one, I have two dedicated pages on my blog to help anyone make one. The first page shows how to make the motifs you will need, and the second page shows how to assemble those pieces once you have gotten them made.

Voting for the Flammies takes place from March 15 through March 30, and you can register your vote in all the categories by clicking here and following the prompts.

I owe the existence of this soccer ball and the nomination for this award to all of my readers. Had I not had to think of something to write about, I would not have made this project.

So thank you to everyone who has ever taken time out of their day to read my blog; I truly appreciate your willingness to let me share my my life and crochet with you.

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