Stash down challenge 2011: Day 4

Day 4 of my stash down challenge did not go exactly as planned.

Yesterday, on the way home from my son’s trumpet lesson, we reached an intersection he refers to as my “crochet crisis corner.”

He arrived at this name because on more than one occasion (probably as a result of the exceedingly long light), I have had frequent moments of “crochet discernment,” wherein it becomes clear to me that something I have done or have been doing is not quite right and the solution to the error I had been unaware of presents itself.

Last night’s discernment related to the size hook I was using for the crocodile stitch triangle shawl. I had been using a 6.5 mm hook. At the stoplight, I decided I had to try an 8.0 mm hook. After doing just that once we were home, I decided that the 8.0 mm hook created a more supple and drapable fabric than the 6.5 mm hook I had begun the project with.

So today, I carefully frogged yesterday’s effort and started over. I did manage to nearly reach the end of the first of the 4 skeins of this yarn that were in my recent stash acquisition:

crocodile crochet stitch
The crocodile crochet stitch triangle shawl reworked with an 8.0 mm hook

Then, after my son got home from school, we set out on a much anticipated errand. I grabbed my crochet, my camera, and my computer.

I had been hearing the siren call of Alice Merlino’s (aka futuregirl) Starling Handbag all day, and rather than continuing to resist, I succumbed to the charms of this tote, and I brought the computer along so I could access the PDF, and if necessary, work on tonight’s blog post.

As it turned out, fate would have none of my plans. I got started on the handbag using this awesome foundation single crochet tutorial. I had gotten this far when I realized it was time for my son and I to get back on the road in anticipation of our ultimate errand:

foundation single crochet stitch
I make the foundation using the foundation single crochet

I packed up my stuff, and in a moment I would have liked to have been able to rewind, the computer slipped from the bag and hit the floor.

The good news: the hard drive was not damaged.

The not so good news: the LCD panel did not fair as well, and while the rainbow of vertical stripes punctuated with an expanding inkblot in the upper left hand corner of the screen was interesting from a design perspective, it rendered my computer unusable.

In a turn of good fortune, I was able to get my computer in for repairs.

As for the much anticipated errand, the woman we were meeting got stuck in traffic and was an hour later than she expected, but when all was said and done, we had a puppy named Clooney (no doubt because, like George, he has beautiful wavy hair), so it was well worth the wait.

I will probably get more crochet done now that I have to borrow my son’s computer, which will be balanced out by the fact that I will probably get less crochet done now that I have a puppy.