Heat wave

Right now, the place I call home (Raleigh, North Carolina) is at the end of what has been a rather intractable heat wave, but the weather report promises that tomorrow will be the first day of what is to be a week of cooler weather, and my hope is that once the cooler air arrives, I will have the energy needed to make more impressive progress on the cookieghan.

Today, however, the temperature was set to bake, and aside from a few hungry squirrels scurrying across the now brown lawn that is my yard in an effort to scare up some food, not much happened.

Yesterday, I managed to join twelve of the 169 cookies that will comprise the cookieghan when it is completed:

joining crochet cookies
I begin joining the crochet cookies

Today, I joined an additional 14 cookies, completing the first and second rows, and leaving me with 143 cookies still to join:

twenty-six crochet cookies
I finish joining the first two rows of the cookieghan

Shortly after I had finished the second row, I tried my hand at laying out the cookies so that each row and each column had one of each of the thirteen cookie types of cookies.

Here is my not entirely successful effort:

169 crochet cookies
Laying out the crochet cookies

I am hoping that tomorrow’s forecast for cooler weather and rain arrives as scheduled and leaves me with just a bit more energy to tackle these joinings and get the particulars of the layout figured out.