I rework the homage to Lemonades™ crochet cookie

One of the thing I like best about the first of the year is that the annual Girl Scout Cookie sale begins, and every year, I order at least 10 boxes from my friendly, neighborhood Girl Scout.

While there technically isn’t a Girl Scout cookie I don’t like, among all of them, I do have have favorites, one of which is the accurately named cookie known as Lemonades™. To me, they are a practically perfect cookie, and in the cookieghan project I am working on, I wanted to include a cookie that evoked the delight and joy of these delectable treats:

A box of Lemonades
A box of Lemonades

My first effort was serviceable:

crochet cookie
My first attempt at a Lemonades crochet cookie

but as I am now focusing more of my efforts on this project, I am looking at the individual pieces with a more critical eye, and while my first effort was passable, I really wanted something closer to perfect.

So after I had made the top of the cookie (using Red Heart Super Saver aran), I got out a skein of Red Heart Super Saver lemon and spent the next two hours experimenting with variations on my original attempt. The first three or four variations were not quite what I wanted, but shortly after 1:00 pm (EDT) I finally got a crochet homage to Lemonades™ that I felt did the cookie justice:

Lemonades inspired crochet cookies
The revised homage to Lemonades crochet cookies

It can be difficult to know when it is time to stop fiddling with something and move forward, but now that I have worked out the details of the revised homage to Lemonades™ crochet cookie, I am glad I took the time to do it.