A granny square blanket ready for adventure

I went into this weekend determined to finish the long overdue baby (now toddler) blanket.

After finishing the thirtieth round of the granny square blanket with Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink, I was able to continue to work with the crochet wind at my back.

I took a moment to review here I had had gone and where I wanted to go, and decided it was time for a third and final round of Red Heart Super Saver Accent bright orchid, my new go-to purple:

granny square crochet blanket
Red Heart Super Saver bright orchid

In seemingly no time, the round of double crochet granny square shells were done and the ground work for crocheting the thirty-second round in a Caron Union fresh green had been laid:

crochet granny square baby blanket
A round of fresh green

I loved the depth of color offered by the shocking pink, bright orchid, and fresh green, but also felt that it was time to lighten the overall feel, so I got out my Red Heart Super Saver turqua which I felt would make a nice transition to somewhat perkier and more fanciful colors:

crochet granny square baby blanket
A round of turqua

Satisfied that the mood and feel of the square had gone in the direction I wanted it to go, I worked the next round in Craft Smart value fuchsia, a color I consider almost a neutral because of the number of colors it is able to play nicely with:

crochet granny square baby blanket
A round of fuchsia

With just two rounds left to crochet, the last two choices were even more critical than all those that came before because they would set the lasting tone for the blanket.

After careful thought I decided to go with Craft Smart Value butter as it would provide a nice (but not overpowering) contrast with the fuchsia creating a playful feel:

granny square crochet blanket
A round of Craft Smart butter

With the round of butter crocheted, I tried Red Heart Super Saver flamingo, and while it is a color I love, it did not work in this instance, so I frogged it and pulled out all of the pinks in my arsenal and settled on Red Heart With Love bubblegum.

Slightly more blue and vivid than Red Heart Super Saver perfect pink, it proved to be exactly the right color for the thirty-sixth and final round of this project.

As I neared the final corner of the last round, I grew impatient. Time seemed to stop as I worked the final stitches. When I got this close:

The crochet finish line
I near the finish

Although there were just twelve double crochet stitches between me and the finish, it was hard for me to imagine that I would ever get it done, but I did.

Here it is with ends to be woven in:

crochet granny square baby blanket
A final round of perfect pink

and here it is after the ends were woven in, fully blocked, and ready for adventure:

crochet granny square baby blanket
Blocked and ready for adventure

As for me, I don’t what crochet adventure awaits, but with my hooks and yarn at my side, I’m ready for whatever comes my way.