How to make the weekend granny throw in a weekend

Sometime shortly before lunch, I finished this throw:

crochetbug, crochet foundation chain, crochet chain, crochet rectangle, granny rectangle
I finish my road test of the Weekend Granny Throw

the pattern for which can be found here.

I began work on Katherine Eng’s throw shortly before lunch last Saturday. I made modest progress (seen here):

crochetbug, crochet foundation chain, crochet chain, crochet rectangle, granny rectangle
The first nine rounds of the Weekend Granny Throw

Before I had a chance to do anymore work, it was time to go to a movie, and I didn’t get to start back to work on the throw until Sunday. Now that it has taken me four days to finish this weekend throw, I have some hints on how to make this Weekend Granny Throw in a weekend:

1. Read the directions through from beginning to end BEFORE the weekend.

I had erroneously believed that this was just a regular granny square done in chunky yarn with a big hook. In fact, it is a subtle granny rectangle done in chunky yarn with a big hook.

Additionally, in order to keep the corners more square and eliminate the “wonkiness” that creeps into a large granny square (as can be seen in my great granny scrapghan):

crochetbug, scrap yarn granny square, scrap yarn aesthetic, use what you have, granny squares rock
My great-granny square after I had woven in some of the ends and the storm clouds had moved in

periodic turns of the throw are made, so that there is a “right” side and a “wrong” side, or a “front” and “back,” as I prefer to think of it. (I really don’t like the idea that there can be anything “wrong” about crochet.)

2. Make sure your weekend begins on Friday.

Even if you don’t get started until 8:00 pm, you will have sufficient time to make a substantial start and get the gist of how the pattern works; you will also set the tone for the weekend.

3. Have a comfortable place to work.

This project is very portable up until the nineteenth or twentieth round. After that you need (at the very least) an extremely large chair that will accommodate you and all of your crochet project gear and supplies.

After having completed this project, I can say that it is a totally worthwhile project that will result in a graphically interesting throw that you can use to keep your self comfortably warm as the chill of autumn begins to set in.