The answer: Green Eggs and Ham(igurumi)

The question: What do you get the person who has everything?

On St. Patrick’s day, my roommate from college is going to be 50 , and I want to give her something special and memorable for her birthday.

Something she doesn’t already have.

Something no one else would think to get her.

Armed with a 3.25 mm Etimo crochet hook, two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver yarn (one in Spring Green, the other in Soft White), and the trusty needles in my Clover chibi, I set out to make her a gift that says (in a visual sort of way), Happy Birthday! To my mind, green eggs and ham do exactly that.

My journey with crochet has taken me many places I never expected to go. I have stayed up all night trying to finish projects for the state fair, I have felted a rug between pieces of burlap because it did not fit in the washer, and I have made cozies for our mailbox so that the postal delivery person is not blinded by the glare of unpainted aluminum.

Using a pattern for a sunnyside up egg tawashi that I found at my beloved ravelry, I began by making an egg with a green yolk. As I had worked from this pattern previously, the first part of the project was quick and efficient. I turned out two green yolks in under half an hour, and the soft natural egg whites quickly followed. The ham, however, required more from me. What, I wondered, should the ham look like?

I started my research at the library. Always one to have overdue books in need of returning, I grabbed a few of them and headed to the branch nearest my home. I turned in the volumes I had been able to find, then headed over to the children’s picture books. While I had no trouble finding the section where the Dr. Seuss books would be, if they were not all checked out, they were all checked out.

I then turned my search to the internet where I found an image that led me on a journey that resulted in the following:

crochet green eggs and ham
Green eggs and ham rendered in crochet

an amigurumi crochet ham hamigurumi
Green eggs and hamigurumi

On this day that would have been Theodor Geisel’s 106th birthday, I offer my celebration of Green Eggs and Hamigurumi.