In which I install the grommets

Yesterday I spent most of what would have been crochet time working on my braiding technique.

After cutting 16 two-foot lengths of yarn I tied one end of the lengths together and practiced making a four-plait braid. When I came to the end, I would undo it, and start again.

Today, feeling confident that my braiding technique was sufficiently improved that I could contemplate finishing the granny square bag, I set aside my braiding practice and got out my grommet kit.

To install the grommets, it is first necessary to cut a hole in the lining, so I began my effort by pinning the fabric lining to the granny square so that it would not slip while I marked where to make the hole in the fabric:

preparing to install a grommet
The fabric lining secured with pins

Next (after putting the small piece of wood that came with the grommet kit directly under the fabric lining), I inserted the hole cutter through the designated space in the granny square, and I tapped the end with a hammer:

grommet hole cutter
Marking where to cut the fabric

Next, I got out a small pair of scissors and carefully cut out the circle marked by the hole cutter:

a hole for a grommet
I cut a hole in the fabric through which to insert the grommet

Then, following the directions that came with the grommet kit, I assembled all of the pieces as instructed:

securing a grommet
Preparing to secure the grommet

Next (but not on the kitchen table), I used a hammer to secure the grommet. With the first grommet successfully installed, I moved onto the second, then the third and the fourth, and in short order, all four grommets were secured:

granny square purse with grommets
The body of the granny square bag with grommets inserted

Now all that was left was to braid to straps.

After cutting all of the necessary lengths of yarn and ribbon, I taped them to a rail for easy braiding:

making a four plait braid
Ready to make a four plait braid

And then I braided. And braided. And braided:

four plait braid
A not quite long enough four plait braid

And, despite all my braiding, the strap I made was not quite long enough. In the excitement of installing the grommets, I had forgotten to take into account how much length was lost in the braiding.

Since I cut lengths for two straps, I will go ahead and finish the second braid (more practice!), and save these braided straps for a future project, and then I will get out the scissors and using the information I have gained about how much length is lost in the braiding, I will cut the lengths of yarn I will need to put this project in the ta-done column.