I finish Dotghan 1.0 and get to work on Dotghan 0.25

Before I finished Dotghan 1.0, I got the idea for a smaller, preemie-sized dotghan, one I call Dotghan 0.25.

Using the same Red Heart Super Saver soft white and the same 5.0 mm hook that I used to make Dotghan 1.0, I got a start on Dotghan 0.25 while Dotghan 1.0 was soaking in some warm, slightly soapy water.

In almost no time, I had the entire body of the blanket done:

preemie crochet blanket
I get a start on Dotghan 0.25

Because the blanket is so small (17″ x 22″) I decided that it would be easier to applique the dots all at once rather than row by row.

I also decided that creating a grid with “lines” of brightly colored yarn would make it much easier to correctly place the dots to be appliqued:

I get a start on Dotghan 0.25
A grid to assist in correctly placing the crochet dots

and I even had a little time left over to see how a few of the dots would look on the blanket:

I get a start on Dotghan 0.25
Dotghan 0.25 with crochet dots to be appliqued

In between my efforts to work on Dotghan 0.25, I rinsed Dotghan 1.0, and then got out as much of the excess water as I could by rolling it between towels, and then set it under a ceiling fan to dry.

In short order, it was picture perfect:

crochet blanket with crochet dots
Crochet Dotghan 1.0

and just in case you want to make your own Dotghan 1.0 (or some variation thereof), I have created this Dotghan 1.0 tutorial (complete with a couple of videos) to help you on your way.