Taking Stock

Last March, I got some shelving for my crochet empire/guest room.

It arrived while I had house guests, one of whom graciously put together both shelving units one evening while I was doing something else, and since that time, the shelves have remained empty.

Monday, which was alternately overcast and sunshine, was the start of a new week at the start of a new month, and, I thought, a good time to start organizing my craft space. I tried to get a good photo, but between the periodic cloud cover, and the constant shade of the trees now in full leaf, it wasn’t easy. The best picture I was able to get was this:

Two Ikea shelving units
Two Ikea shelving units

One charming aspect of the room is a small alcove with a window seat. It is the sort of place where I would have loved to have curled up when I was a child, offering both a comfortable spot to read along with a window to the world. I can picture my 9-year-old self living out her Harriet the Spy fantasies, without ever having to leave her room:


From the photos, it is clear that one of the first challenges I will face in creating a crochet empire/guest room will be to find an attractive, yet adequate, lighting solution for the spring and summer months when the sunlight is obscured by the trees.

The second challenge will be to create a space that showcases finished crochet work and does not become simply a way to warehouse my many UFO’s (UnFinished Objects).

The final major challenge will be to organize my crochet books and tools so that I can get to them easily.

As of this moment I have no clear ideas what I will do. Chances are I will pile everything on the guest bed and rearrange the assorted projects and tools until I am satisfied.

I am, however, beginning to think I will need two rocking chairs. One for the crochet empire/guest room, and one for the porch when the climate and particularly lovely light of the fall converge to make for some of the best outdoor crochet opportunities of the season.