Stash down challenge 2012: Day 11– motif madness

This past weekend I was busy with myriad non-crochet related activities, but there were moments that I was able to slip outside with my hooks and yarn to crochet and take advantage of the lovely weather. While I did not get any crochet of consequence done, I did make forward progress on using some of the vast stores of yarn at my disposal with a fit of fevered motif madness.

One of my current projects is something that I inadvertently fell into while attempting to meet a crochet commitment I had made.

This past Thursday I attempted to square off an African flower hexagon motif to contribute to a community project of which I was a part. While my attempts to square off the hexagon did not meet with success, when I was done, I had one African flower hexagon.

I have long wanted to make a blanket composed of African flower hexagons, and I decided that this solitary African flower hexagon that resulted from Thursday’s efforts was the perfect point from which to begin.

Since that Thursday, I have begun my crochet day by making a single African flower hexagon — a meditation of sorts — and then joining it to the previously completed and joined hexagons. From there, I move on to the project of the day.

Here is Friday’s hexagon:

An African flower crochet hexagon that is part of my motif madness
Second African Flower hexagon motif made for a new and ongoing mediation exercise

and here it is joined to the previous day’s effort:

Two African Flower crochet hexagons joined along one seam
I piece together the first two completed African flower crochet hexagons

Saturday, I made this third hexagon:

An African flower crochet hexagon with a blue suede border
The third African flower crochet hexagons

and Sunday, I completed yet another:

An African flower crochet hexagon with a variegated border
The fourth African flower crochet hexagons

bringing the total number completed to four:

Four African flower crochet hexagons joined with a whipstitch
Four African flower crochet hexagons

The other project I worked on (when I was not tying together the ends of the seemingly endless scraps of yarn in my living room) was the Hawaiian Flowers window treatment for my mother’s kitchen window:

Seven Hawaiian crochet flowers that are another element of my motif madness
Seven Hawaiian crochet flowers to-be

While my speed on these project is not particularly impressive, I am, at least, moving forward, and should you want to work on either of these motifs yourself, this tutorial for the African flower hexagon is excellent as is Sarah London’s Hawaiian flowers pdf.