Another granny square picnic blanket gains traction

With the six amigurumi friends, and the coordinating granny square picnic blanket packed up and ready to be shipped off:

I returned with renewed energy to yet another granny square picnic blanket.

I had gotten fourteen rounds into the second granny square picnic blanket (as I currently think of the), which meant I had twenty-two rounds to yet to crochet.

Twenty-two increasingly larger rounds, each one taking a bit more time than the one before. But ruminating on the work to be done was no substitute for doing it.

Yarn stash, hook, and crochet tension regulator at the ready, I got to work, and I got so engrossed in what I was doing, I forgot to take a photo when I finished the fifteenth round, but I did remember to get one after I had completed the sixteenth round:

A future multicolor granny square picnic blanket
Sixteen rounds done, twenty to go!

I had been uncertain about the green, but once it was in place, the color that worked best was Big Twist fuchsia:

The seventeenth round of a multicolor granny square
The seventeenth round of a future granny square picnic blanket

Once I finished that round, three colors immediately put themselves a the fore to be used in rounds eighteen, nineteen, and twenty.

With a skein of Red Heart Super Saver saffron at my side, I got to work on the eighteenth round, and finished it without one bit of hesitation or doubt:

Eighteen rounds of a multicolor great granny square
A round of saffron

Then I moved on from there to the nineteenth round:

A round of vibrant orange for a granny square picnic blanket
Nineteen rounds done; seventeen to go

And I would have finished the twentieth, but I was out of time.

Tomorrow is a new day, and with a color for the next round ready to go, I will be able to once again move forward, one stitch at a time.