In the pink

On or about December 9, 2010, Pantone (the proprietary color gurus of the universe) came out with their much anticipated color choice for 2011: Honeysuckle.

Described in Patone’s literature as a “dynamic reddish pink,” the color is both soothing and invigorating. In response to this choice of color of the year, Red Heart yarns came out with a new yarn color: perfect pink, and with that addition to their selection, Red Heart yarns are definitely in the pink.

I have known about the introduction of perfect pink to the Red Heart Super Saver line for many weeks now, but it was only recently that I finally got my hands on some.

This past Monday (August 8), I finally settled on a design for my project for this year’s North Carolina State Fair.

As soon as I settled on the project, I went online and ordered the colors I wanted to include but which I did not have (or did not have in sufficient quantity).

While I didn’t know if the perfect pink would work with the rest of the colors I wanted to use in my state fair project, I did want to see it live and in person, so I ordered a few skeins of it along with the other colors I knew I would need.

Then on Friday, a box arrived on my doorstep with a label that read as follows:

box of yarn
A label on the box of yarn delivered to my house

The good people who sold me the yarn seem to realize that for every fiber enthusiast any yarn delivery is time sensitive.

Knowing that once I opened the box, I would be oblivious to all else around me, I moved the box from my front porch to the kitchen table, and then went about doing things that needed doing but were not crochet.

While I was busy with the other things my cat found her place in the universe:

cat guarding yarn
My cat, Stripes, sitting guard

As I have mentioned before the cat and I have an uneasy relationship, but we do agree on the beauty and wonder of crochet, and she seemed to know that the box contained something she deemed to be of value.

For those who have not yet seen the new perfect pink color, it is, I believe, very close to perfect if not exactly perfect. It looks wonderful with the Red Heart Super Saver colors of cherry red, cafe, and coffee.

Below is a photo with an array of pinks from Red Heart. From top to bottom the colors are: Shocking Pink, Light Raspberry, Perfect Pink, Petal Pink, and Baby Pink:

An array of Red Heart Super Saver yarns are in the pink
An array of Red Heart Super Saver yarns are in the pink

And here is the perfect pink (bottom) pictured with light raspberry (top):

pink yarn red heart
Light raspberry and perfect pink Red Heart Super Saver

While the difference in some lights is subtle, the new color has a somewhat lighter value than the light raspberry.

I am not yet decided about whether to include this new “perfect” color in my 2011 state fair project, but it is a lovely color that I hope has a long future as part of the Red Heart Super Saver palette.