I push the crochet reset button

Yesterday, after I had finished securing the handles of the future felted crochet fat bag:

wool granny square that will be made into a crochet fat bag
The wool granny square bag with the handles secured

I turned my attention to weaving in the ends of some hyperbolic crochet, and I was reminded of why this felted crochet fat bag project got put on the back burner in the first place.

As I threaded the errant ends of yarn — first through my bent-tipped yarn needle and then through an elaborate path of the crochet stitches of the curlicues (ends I would later have to dig out so the curlicues could be frogged) — I tried to figure out if the closure method I had devised for the unfelted version of this bag would work for the felted version, and the more I thought about it, the less certain I was.

One of the things I love about crochet is that you can transform a length of yarn into just about anything you can imagine.

The other thing I love about crochet is that if your vision doesn’t work out as you expect, you can then unravel all of the stitches and begin anew, just as I did with the hyperbolic curlicues when I realized that one of them was made differently from all of the others, and that that “one” was the better design.

So I frogged those that needed frogging, got out my 6.5 mm hook, and followed the directions for the curlicues as they are written in this free pattern, and soon, I had six hyperbolic curlicues, each with ends to be woven in:

Six hyperbolic crochet curlicues
Six hyperbolic crochet curlicues with ends to be woven in

and in just about a half-hour’s time, the curlicues were good to go:

six hyperbolic crochet curlicues
Six hyperbolic crochet curlicues with the ends woven in

But the rest of the bag was another question entirely.

The more I thought things through, the more convinced I was that the mechanism of the closure needs to be reconfigured, and because felting crochet fixes the fibers into place rendering them “unfroggable,” I can’t proceed without figuring it out first.

So until I get the details worked out in my head, I will have to content myself with gazing on the completed pieces:

crochet fat bag with hyperbolic crochet curlicues
The future felted crochet fat bag with the hyperbolic crochet curlicues

and hope that they reveal the answer I seek.