Of jellyfish and soccer balls

Sometimes, you get lucky.

Such was the case for me yesterday.

Not only did I get this awesome latte:

A latte to fuel my crochet
A latte to fuel my crochet

I also got to sit at the table at Benelux Coffee that has the best light of any table in the coffee shop.

Once I had myself situated, I got out my 4.0 mm hook and an assortment of yarns I now thing of as my “flamingo collection” and got to work on a new crochet soccer ball.

The African flower hexagon soccer ball that I designed to celebrate and commemorate the 2010 World Cup is one of my favorite designs.

It has been made on six continents that I know of, bringing (I hope) joy to soccer and crochet enthusiasts everywhere, and yesterday I decided that now was as good a time as any to get started on what is my fourth iteration of this project.

By the time I had finished my latte and was ready to pack up and go on my way, I had made this much progress toward a future soccer ball:

flamingo inspired crochet hexagon motifs
I start work on a crochet soccer ball

When I got home, I continued my efforts, and today, as the end of the day approached, I had gotten this far:

twenty african flower crochet hexagons in process
Twenty African flower hexagons to-be
crochet hexagon motifs for a future crochet soccer ball
Pieces of a future soccer ball laid end to end

Satisfied with my progress on the soccer ball, I turned my attention to one of my unfinished crochet jellyfish focusing my efforts on this base for one of the jellyfish:

crochet jellyfish base with ends to weave in
A not quite finished crochet jellyfish base

In short order, I had finished all of the hyperbolic curlicues/tentacles for this jellyfish, and I even had the ends woven in:

finished crochet jellyfish base
The now finished crochet jellyfish base

Each crochet project is its own journey, and while I am not entirely certain where either of these will take me, I am happy to move forward, one stitch at a time.