To hither and yon and back

My Sundays tend to be filled with activities and errands that take up much of the day, and this Sunday was no exception.

The morning started with a trip across town which then necessitated another trip across town (in the opposite direction) in order to return home.

And while I did get to stay at home long enough to do a couple of chores, I soon found myself once again headed out the door: this time to a crochet guild meeting.

I had been looking forward to this particular meeting because I had, at long last, found a home for a vintage macrame lampshade that had been languishing in my garage for several years with one of my fellow crochet guild members. I was delighted to have finally found the lampshade a good home where it would be loved and appreciated, so the drive to the next town over to deliver the lampshade to it’s new owner, was the final leg of a journey many years in the making.

As a result of all of the driving back and forth, across town and to the next town over, I needed to work on a project that was more portable than the Better Homes and Gardens granny square sampler which is not portable on two counts now.

First, it has grown much larger, and it is awkward to lay it out in order to have the overview I need to make color choices for the remaining squares, and second, the assortment of colors I keep at hand to find just the right color for any given round is also rather cumbersome. So rather than working on the beach-blanket -to-be, I spent some time making crochet cookies for the cookieghan.

Over the course of the day I managed to finish one jam-centered cookie, one sugar cookie with sprinkles, and one gingersnap:

three crochet cookies
I finish three crochet cookies

I also got a start on three additional jam-centered cookies:

jam center crochet cookies
The start of three future crochet cookies with a jam center

and got halfway through making a cherry wink:

cherry wink crochet cookie
I get a start on a future crochet cherry wink

My crochet cherry wink, when completed, might not be as delicious as a cherry wink baked from the recipe that first appeared on boxes of Kellogg’s cornflakes, but the shelf life of my cookie will probably be a bit longer; it might even last as long as the macrame lampshade.