Dr. Who?

This week has flown right by, and while I have spent most of my crochet time this past week working on two shawls:

six petal crochet flower crochet shawl
The first shawl with ends woven in and ready for a 10th row
six petal crochet flower crochet shawl
The second crochet flower shawl

Today I got just a little bit sidetracked.

Yesterday, while perusing the posts at the crochet subreddit, I came across an adorable pair of crochet Dr. Who amigurumi.

Adding to my joy, the pattern (courtesy of Vilma Ilona) was available as a free download at Ravelry.

My youngest son is a Dr. Who fan, and like many high school students, he has been spending the past few weeks getting ready for the Advanced Placement exams to go with the Advanced Placement courses that he has taken this year, and while I know that his eminently capable and exceedingly hardcore calculus teacher will have him ready for the exam, I wanted to surprise him with a small token of my good wishes, and I thought an amigurumi Dr. Who would convey all that needs to be conveyed.

However, I needed to wait for my youngest son to go to school, which he did this morning, and as soon as he was out the door, and had gotten done all of the “must do” items on my list, I got to work on an amigurumi Eleventh Dr. Who.

As can be seen, there is some work yet to be done before he heads to school tomorrow:

crochet dr. who amigurumi
Crochet Dr. Who amigurumi to-be

but with any luck (and a lot of focus), both Dr. Who and my son will be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.