A round-up of crochet items of interest

After spending the day touring the streets of Knoxville, TN, tiger at the ready for any photo op, there are three items of interest to crocheters and other fiber crafters that I wanted to address.

But First, a few pictures of Boo-Boo’s adventures:

crochetbug, crochet tiger, amigurumi tiger, crochet toy, diy toy, washington dc, fourth of july, colossal head iv
Boo-Boo enjoying a book in the park
crochetbug, crochet tiger, amigurumi tiger, crochet toy, diy toy, washington dc, fourth of july, colossal head iv
Boo-Boo experiencing a contemplative moment

crochet tiger, amigurumi tiger, crochetbug, knoxville, tennessee
Gratuitous photo of Boo-Boo the crochet tiger on a sculpture at Krutch Park in Knoxville, Tennesee

Now that I have shared parts of Boo-Boo’s day, onto other matters.

One is that Jo-Ann is sponsoring Craft for a Cause 2010. The contest requires that you use materials purchased from Jo-Ann to make and then donate useful crafted items to your favorite charitable organization.

To enter, you need to submit a photo of each donation; your crafted items will be judged for prizes and the makers/creators of the top five crafted items will each win a $1,500 Jo-Ann gift card.

Additionally, your contribution makes your charity eligible to win money as well. Jo-Ann will be donating a total of $90,000 to the three charities that receive the most donated items.

The next item I want to bring to people’s attention is Operation Caregiver.

The mission of this organization is to provide “15 items of basic hygiene and comfort” to those troops who are stationed in remote places with limited to no access to the facilities and comforts we take for granted. The giving is structured to allow as many people as possible to participate.

You can read about what this organization does and learn more about the ways you can participate by clicking here.

Lastly, Lion Brand yarn has provided an interesting opportunity for crafters who use Lion Brand Yarn in the form of an online customer gallery to display the projects you have made with their products.

The information provided at the website states the following: Would you like to share a project that you have made from our yarns or our patterns? Hundreds of thousands of people who care about your favorite craft will see your work. Any submissions, particularly original ones are welcome, as long as the project was made from Lion Brand Yarn.

This is an absolutely terrific opportunity to share what you have done with others, and you can read more about it and get to the link that allows you to post by clicking here.

I hope that, like Boo-Boo, everyone finds a way they can participate.